Special Purpose Machine (SPM)

Special Purpose Machine (SPM)

Special purpose machine is getting more uses in industry day by day, those are designed purposefully for doing a specific task, therefore never manufactured in large numbers. The UMR technology is manufacturing the machines as per the asked specification of the particular industry under highly supervised guidance with internationally generated standards of machines. As they exist because of a certain purpose, each machine undergoes a different method of designing under certain circumstances and we, at this organization promise to provide the best in class machines that are needed for a certain purpose. Broadly we develop the special machine tools that can be classified as those in which job remains fixed in one position and those in which job moves from one station to other (transfer machines). We ourselves produce the modular unit of the machine that can be assembled to innovation of  a variety of machines as per the client’s requirement or as per the specific task. In our organization we have Various standard attachments which can be used in construction of machine tools as coolant distributor, anti-friction rotary bushing center for drilling unit to guide tools or tool holders, angular feed head, recessing head, milling head, planetary speed reducer, hydraulic slide for longer strokes, rotary index table, etc.

The UMR technology offers low cost dedicated SPM for mass production of small components of 2&4 wheelers, tractors, engines, etc. with typical components like rear-wheel flange, shifter cam, shifter fork, clutch sleeve, etc. Our Special Purpose Machines work with 4 to 8 stations, depending upon job requirements. Most of the Special Purpose Machine concept is standardized which enables very fast delivery of the machine. Our highly experiences professionals designed them for process, production, assembly lines and testing. Apart from various applications these machines are designed on specific orders where few of the users are like Endurance testing of components and products, Gauging automation for checking surface, thickness, length, height by LVDT or camera, new product testing and checking online and offline and specifically it is the preferred solution in the arena of automation.

When an industry have requirement of such SPM, can send us the Operations to be carried out on the machine in a clearly indicated way, the desired rate of production by that and the precondition of the job as presented to the machine, so that we can innovate and customized it as per the necessity of client in a result-oriented way. Few features of our machines that we have provided to many industries with great satisfaction level are

•          Ideal for mass production

•          Highly reliable

•          Easy to operate 4 spindle units – two vertical & 2 horizontal

•          Hydraulically operated 4 slide units for linear movement

•          Hydraulically operated automatic job clamping system

•          Auto-cycle through of limit switches & PLC

Apart from that, the rich experience of UMR technology in the concerned arena will get the optimal benefit for the client’s seeking for the machines at high efficiency and advance techniques. We can customize them at large extent as per the requirement and create them in such a user-friendly way. One just needs to clear their need and specification we will design the right machine for you at most affordable amount at UMR technology.